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Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud

– Maya Angelou

About Us

WithLuv is a non profit organisation run by 4 ladies whose lives have been touched closely by Cancer. The idea came about when a close friend, Tanya Gardiner, was diagnosed with stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma at the start of 2017. A group of friends decided to meet her at GVI Oncology the first day of her treatment.

Based on some online research, we put together a bag of practical items that prove very useful to patients undergoing Cancer treatment. She still speaks about her bag of goodies and how handy it was from day one. While waiting for her to arrive that day, we watched many people arrive alone to undergo treatment.

It seemed like a worthwhile idea to start putting together similar bags to drop off every month at Cancercare so that the sisters there could hand them out to people as they started on their journey with treatment, which must be daunting and quite overwhelming.

What We Do

Once a month we get together and pack 20 Chemo Care Bags, 13 for women and 7 for men, which we deliver the next day. Each bag contains items that will prove helpful to the patients as they embark on their treatment. These items include:

A knee blanket



For the ladies we put a novel and recent magazine into the bag. Men receive crosswords/Sudoku

Tissues (handbag size)

Hand cream (handbag size)



Lip Ice

Hand sanitiser (handbag size)

Wet Wipes (handbag size)

A5 notebook into ladies bags with a poem inside that was originally written for Tanya

Ginger tea which assists with nausea


Ginger biscuits sponsored by Westee’s bakery & Café

Brownies sponsored by Lindie of Lindie’s Brownies

Eye drops

Ear plugs

Travel eye mask

All of these items are packed into cloth bags

How You Can Help

Bag Items

Please see list above for more info on items we place in the bags.

Raffle Prizes

All raffle ticket proceeds go to buying items for the bags.

Monetary Donations

Please contact us for banking details should you want to make a monetary donation.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you would like to help in any way you can.


082 782 2381


083 320 2546


084 511 4882


083 468 0944

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